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UNL100 User’s Manual


Driver Installation

There are both File transfer driver and Network Adapter Driver two edition.
Attention: Please don’t install two drivers on same time, before you install another driver, Pls Uninstall the installed one first.
Before you start installing the driver, please don't plug your USB Network Link Cable to the USB port of your computer. Follow the steps below on installing the File transfer driver:
1       Power on both computers where you will connect the USB Network Link Cable and make sure that the USB port is enabled and working properly.
2       Insert the driver CD into the CD-ROM drive
3       Run D:\Driver\ Unl-100\Directlink for WIN\setup.exe (D: represents CD-ROM) and click “Next “to continue.
 The program will start to begin program Install shield Wizard:
a.    Click “Next
b.    Select Destination folder and click “Next.
c.    Click “Finish while hardware installation is complete.
d.    Plug in the USB cable into the USB port and Windows will detect an New device and run the Add New Hardware Wizard to assist you in setting up the new device.
e.    Device manager >> GeneLink File Transfer Driver
f.     The installation is complete.
g.    After installation is complete, a shortcut of the GeneLink file transfer program will be placed on your Windows desktop.
h.   Repeat the same procedure on the other computer.
I.   Double-click on the GeneLink shortcut icon on your desktop screen.  Do the same for the other computer.
J.  The USB Network Link Cable File Manager (GeneLink) will appear on your screen and will detect both the local and remote machine.  This is much similar with Windows Explorer file manager where you can cut, copy, paste, or drag files and folders.
K.  There is a LED-like button found on the top-left comer of the USB Network Link File manager.  These button show the connection status of the remote and local machine. A green LED button that the connection is good while a red LED button that connection is not found.  If yellow LED button, either the USB cable is not properly connected, or the software is not properly installed, or the PC is in suspend mode.
Both machines need to run the same version software.


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