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Connecting to Internet through GeneLinkTM


If your existing HOME/OFFICE network IS using DHCP to assign client’s IP address, your Network Sever will configure your network configuration automatically. So you can skip those procedures described in previous session.
For accessing Internet resources through GeneLinkTM, here are something you should notice:

a. You must define which computer should install GeneLinkTM Software Router (or create network bridge when your OS is Windows XP);

b. The computer which had installed GeneLinkTM Software Router (or created network bridge) should have already been connected to internet;

c. All clients which would like to access Internet resources through GeneLinkTM should have installed GeneLinkTM driver.

Now we need to do some network configurations on the Desktop/Notebook which connect to GeneLinkTM Software Router to make your Internet access possible (maybe you need to consult you Network Administrator for doing that):
If your existing HOME/OFFICE network is NOT using DHCP to assign client’s IP address, your need to:

- Move your mouse pointer on Network Neighborhood icon and right click on it. You’ll see a pop-up menu.

- Click on “Properties”, you’ll see another menu.

- Choose TCP/IP in Configuration tag, and then press “Properties” button. You’ll see “TCP/IP Properties” menu.

-Now you need to navigate between “IP Address”, “Gateway”, and “DNS Configuration” tags to specify “IP Address”, “Subnet Mask”, “Gateway” and “DNS Server”. If you don’t know their value, pleases consult your Network Administrator.

-Press “OK” button to go backward to “Network” pop-up menu. Choose “Identification” tag. Specify a unique name for your computer if it doesn’t have and fill the name of your workgroup. If you are not sure what’s the name of your computer or Workgroup, please consult your Network Administrator.

- Press “OK” to complete your network configuration. Restart your computer and you’ll be ready to connect to Internet.

SPECIAL NOTICE for those users who have already installed Network Adapter in their system:

If you’ve already configured your [IPX/SPX] and [Client for Netware Networks] before install GeneLinkTM driver, we strongly recommend that you should also install Software Router when you installing GeneLinkTM driver into your system. If you decide not to install Software Router, then the OS will not allow two IPX/SPX configurations co-exist in the same system. This will cause GeneLinkTM Driver Install Program overwrite your original IPX/SPX configuration and make your original network configuration malfunction.


1. Can I add an additional GeneLinkTM parallel to the original one? Will it increase the transmission speed?
Ans: No! If you already have a GeneLinkTM between your two computers, please DO NOT add an additional one, otherwise the transmission will be failed!

2. My computer already has a LAN card installed, can I use GeneLinkTM?
Ans: In the whole GeneLinkTM network, there will be only one computer allowed to have LAN card, and the "Software Router" should be installed on this computer for exchanging data between LAN and GeneLinkTM network.
3. I have a desktop PC in office with a network card for accessing LAN in office. Recently I bought a GeneLinkTM to connect my notebook PC to my desktop. After setup completed, I can see my desktop in "Network Neighborhood" of notebook PC, but I can not see other members on the LAN of our office.
Ans: In this case, you may forget to install the "Software Router" on the desktop PC while you were installing driver! Please uninstall the driver on desktop PC and reinstall again.

4. As connected in case 3, I can see members on the LAN of our office from my notebook, but I can not access the Internet via the server in office.
Ans: When you connect your notebook to desktop via GeneLinkTM (with "Software Router" installed on desktop PC), it's equal to you have a LAN card on notebook PC connecting to LAN in office. You have to ask help from MIS people to make proper settings for the TCP/IP, proxy,... on your notebook PC. Note: If you need to acquire IP from DHCP server on the LAN, please turn on notebook PC AFTER the desktop entering OS! You notebook will acquire IP during turn on procedure, the desktop has to enter OS first to make sure the connection of GeneLinkTM is OK for IP acquiring.

5. As connected in case 3, do I have to install "Software Router" in the notebook PC?
Ans: No! The only one PC you have to install "Software Router" is the desktop PC in case 3, who takes the responsibility to exchange data between LAN and GeneLinkTM network. If you want to daisy-chain another notebook (no LAN card) to the first notebook with GeneLinkTM, this notebook does not need "Software Router" either! If you have 2 PCs at home and you want to connect them with GeneLinkTM, both of them do not need "Software Router".

6. As connected in case 3, I installed "Internet Sharing" function in WIN98-SE (WIN98 Second Edition), but my notebook (connected as in case 3) failed to share the Internet resource of my desktop PC.
Ans: Please DO NOT enable the "Internet Sharing" function in WIN98-SE on the desktop if this desktop PC has installed "Software Router"! "Internet Sharing" function will provide a feature similar to DHCP server. But through "Software Router", notebook can also access the 'real' DHCP server on the LAN of your office. Therefore, there will be 2 DHCP server provide IP to notebook, and it causes conflict.

Users of this case have 2 choices to manipulate their network resources:

(1) Do not install "Internet Sharing". As recommended in case 4, install "Software Router" on the desktop, and make proper network settings on notebook PC as the notebook is a member of the LAN. Then notebook can access Internet as other members do on the LAN.

(2) Sometimes the internet resources in office are not enough to provide additional IPs to your
notebook, then you have to use "Internet Sharing" function. Please follow the steps:

(a) Do not install "Software Router" while installing GeneLinkTM driver.

(b) Enable "Internet Sharing" function in WIN98-SE on the desktop. Please follow the
instructions in WIN98-SE help file. Because "Software Router" was not installed, you have to give up the ability to access the other members on office LAN.

7. I have 2 PCs at home, one (PC-1) has modem and "Internet Sharing" installed, another (PC-2) does not have modem. I connect the 2 PCs with GeneLinkTM, but PC-2 can not access internet via PC-1.
Ans: If you are sure you have right setting in both 2 PCs, please remember to turn on PC-2 AFTER the PC-1 entering OS! Please refer to case 4 because the 2 cases are very similar.

8. Can I connect computers and transfer files between different operation systems with GeneLinkTM?
Ans: Yes! Just like what you did with LAN card. You can access other windows-based computers in "Network Neighborhood" if you use WIN98 (or "My Network Places->Computers Near Me" for WIN2000). For Mac PC, you can access other Mac PCs via "Apple Talk", or share file with IBM PC by 3'rd party software (like "Dave Client").

9. When I want to access a WIN2000 installed PC by "Network Neighborhood" of WIN98 (or "Computers Near Me" of WIN2000), it said I didn't have the right to access this computer.
Ans: For a WIN2000 installed PC on the same network, it will allow you to access the resource it shared only if you are a legal user in it's account list, and what it will check is the account you login your local PC. You have to add your name and password in the account list of that WIN2000 PC with the same login name and password of your local PC. Note: If you use a "Windows Family Login" in WIN98 and set the password to be 'blank' while you were installing WIN98 in your local PC, you may not see the login dialog when you boot your PC, and you may forget the original login name as time goes on! Please go to "Control Panel -> Users" to find it!
10.If I want to uninstall the GeneLinkTM Driver, how can I do?
Ans: To uninstall GeneLinkTM driver program, Please follow the steps:
(1)Unplug the GeneLinkTM from your PC.
(2)Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, double click Add/Remove programs icon.
(3)In Install/Uninstall tab, select GeneLinkTM driver.
(4)Click Add/Remove button and then click OK.
(5)Restart Windows system.

11. During the driver uninstallation, setup program told me that the driver could not be uninstalled due to some problems.
Ans: It will happen only when there were unsuccessful installations before! Please reinstall the GeneLinkTM Driver again, and then follow the steps in "case 10" to remove it!

12. My PC failed to shut down after installing GeneLinkTM.
Ans: PC will be a little slower to turn on/off after installing a network device. If your OS is WIN98-SE (Windows 98 Second Edition), please visit the following web site to update the shut down related software: http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/ Go to the "Product Updates" and select to download "Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement"

13. Can GeneLinkTM work in background when my PC in suspend state?
Ans: No! Your PC must be activated! lintasberita

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